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Abayev encourages making series of films about khans, culture and economy of Golden Horde

28 Октября 2021 15:49

ATYRAU. KAZINFORM – It is essential to consider the making of a series of documentary films about khans, culture and economy of the Golden Horde, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Dauren Abayev told the international science to practice conference ‘Ulyq Ulys – Altyn Orda’ underway in the city of Atyrau, Kazinform correspondent reports.

«For us the Golden Horde is not just a page of history. It is the cradle of Kazakh ethnicity and statehood. It is in the melting pot of Ulyq Ulys our origin, our roots. It is not an attempt of self-empowerment through history, it is the fact confirmed by the genetic studies. The Golden Horde is not a panacea to deal with all the issues of ideological nature. It is a part of a huge and complex work on interpreting the national history from the position of the truly independent and sovereign State,» said Abayev.

As he said, some approaches to the promotion of the theme of the Golden Horde due to be implemented starting from the beginning of next year were agreed with the President. They include strengthen work on exploring materials on the Golden Horde in archives of foreign countries, present a plan for reconstructing Golden Horde settlements within Kazakhstan and create authentic historic and material complexes on their basis, work on the issue of publishing monographs, for instance, on Berke, Jochi, Öz Beg Khans, issue an encyclopedia «The Golden Horde» and update the content on Wikipedia on the theme of the Golden Horde in Kazakh, Russian, and English languages, work on creation of a series of documentary films on all Khans of Ulyq Ulys from Jochi to Kenesary, spiritual and material culture of the Golden Horde, its towns and trade policy, issue an adapted fairytales for children based on the Golden Horde eposes, as well as update the content of school and university programs on the history of Kazakhstan taking into account new findings on the Golden Horde theme.

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