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Kazakhstan 31st with 2 bronze medals in Tokyo Olympics medal tally

2021 jyldyń 25 shilde 2021 20:23

TOKYO. KAZINFORM – Today Kazakhstan won its second bronze medal at the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games underway in Japan, Kazinform has learnt from Sports.kz.

Today Kazakhstani weightlifter Igor Son lifted Kazakhstan to bronze. It was judoka Yeldos Smetov who won the first bronze for Kazakhstan on July 24.

Kazakhstan is ranked 31st in the overall medal tally of the Tokyo Olympics along with Germany, Turkey and Ukraine.

China still tops the overall medal standing with eleven medals, including six gold ones. Coming in second is Japan with five gold and one silver medals. The U.S. is third with four gold, two silver and four bronze medals. South Korea and Russia round out the top 5 of the Tokyo Olympics medal tally.

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