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COVID-19: Over 1,000 staying in hospitals in N Kazakhstan

2022 jyldyń 18 qańtar 2022 22:23

PETROPAVLOVSK. KAZINFORM «1,082 coronavirus patients are being treated and monitored in North Kazakhstan as of now,» acting head of the healthcare department Nurlan Aimanov said.

861 of them are receiving outpatient treatment, while 221 are staying in the covid-19 hospitals. As of December 22, some 17% of beds were occupied, early January 12% were occupied. Since January 10 there was recorded a sharp rise in coronavirus cases. The number of outpatients and hospitalizations is growing day after day.

There are 11 in the intensive care units. Daily hospitalizations in January grew by 10% from 25 to 28 people a day. the number of mobile brigades increased from 54 to 88.

Besides, 22 new cases in pregnant were recorded last day.

Coronavirus cases in children decreased by 40% early January. As of now there are 135 kids are being monitored. The daily cases stand at 28. 15 children are staying in the hospitals.

As stated there, 456 locals died from coronavirus.

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