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COVID-19 cases surging in Mangistau region

2022 jyldyń 20 qańtar 2022 21:11

AKTAU. KAZINFORM «250 people more were tested positive for COVID-19 over the past 24 hours. 2,023 cases were recorded since early January due to untimely vaccination, non-observance of social distancing,» head of the regional healthcare department Amanbek Zhumirov said.

As stated there, the most cases of 114 were confirmed in the city of Aktau, 31 in Zhanaozen, 53 in Munaily district, 13 in Mangistau district, 30 in Beineu district, etc.

As of January 19, 816 emergency calls were recorded. 1,785 people diagnosed with coronavirus were isolated. 83 mobile brigades work in the region. 68 more are in the reserve.

As earlier reported, Mangistau region remains in the high COVID-19 risk ‘red zone’.

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