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Over 5 billion trees voluntarily planted in China’s Guangdong

2021 жылдың 28 қараша 2021 15:19

GUANGZHOU. KAZINFORM - More than 5 billion trees have been voluntarily planted over the past 40 years in south China's Guangdong Province, said a commemorative activity Saturday, Xinhua reports.

People living in Guangdong have volunteered over 1.1 billion times to participate in different tree-planting campaigns during the period.

In December 1981, the fourth session of the fifth National People's Congress adopted the resolution on unfolding a nationwide tree-planting drive. Since then, the activity has flourished in China.

Through concerted efforts, the forest coverage rate in Guangdong has increased from 30 percent in the 1980s to the current 58.66 percent, with the forest area up from 4.6 million hectares to 10.5 million hectares, said data from the provincial greening authorities.

Басты сөздер: World News,
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