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Number of COVID-19 cases at Tengiz oilfield reaches 500

2022 жылдың 21 қаңтар 2022 14:17

ATYRAU REGION. KAZINFORM – The number of COVID-19 cases continues to grow in Atyrau region as the number of coronavirus cases at Tengiz oilfield has reached 500, Kazinform correspondent reports.

According to the press service of the regional healthcare department, in the past day Atyrau region detected 556 fresh COVID-19 cases. Of these, 422 daily infections were reported in the city of Atyrau and 40 COVID-19 cases at the Tengiz oilfield.

Of 556, 216 COVID-19 patients had no symptoms of the novel coronavirus. 20 people fully recovered from the coronavirus infection in the past 24 hours.

3,948 people are treated for the coronavirus infection at home, while over 800 COVID-19 patients receive treatment at the regional infectious facilities.

Presently, Atyrau region is in the high-risk ‘red’ zone in terms of spread of the coronavirus infection.

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