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Kazakhstan intends to introduce new eco-regulation regime

2018 жылдың 6 желтоқсан 2018 17:02

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Rapil Zhoshybayev, Head of the International Center for Green Technology and Investment Projects, underlined the need to considerably update the Environmental Code so that to introduce the best available technology (BAT) in Kazakhstan, Kazinform correspondent reports.

"For our country, especially for the industrial and energy sector, getting BAT into practical use is of key importance nowadays in view of the Concept on the Transition to a Green Economy adopted by Kazakhstan in 2013. To achieve the key indicators set in terms of reducing energy intensity, increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy balance, waste treatment, water quality, we need to seriously update the Environmental Code, establishing the framework for green reforms," Rapil Zhoshybayev said at the international conference titled ‘Transition of Kazakhstan to BAT Principles: Current Situation and Perspectives'.

According to him, introducing BAT principles is entrusted to the International Center for Green Technology and Investment Projects.

"Based on the best available technology principles, the Center together with the Association of Ecological Organizations of Kazakhstan is making up proposals for introducing a new regime for environmental regulation and regulation of natural resource users' activities," said Rapil Zhoshybayev.

He also added that the basic idea of BAT is to encourage enterprises to switch over to new green technologies instead of paying fines and pollution charges. The transition to BAT principles is prescribed by OECD Council recommendations on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control to all 35 OECD member countries. The first attempts in Kazakhstan were made in 2014 when the Government decreed to approve the BAT list for industrial, energy enterprises, and the housing and utilities sector.

"The issues on what hinders the introduction of innovative technologies and the development of industries, and the elaboration of proposals for an integrated approach to tackle these problems, have become one of the top priorities of the International Center for Green Technology and Investment Projects," Rapil Zhoshybayev concluded.

Foreign experts are also participating in the international conference. According to the organizers, the conference is mainly aimed at familiarizing and discussing the experience and best practices in the transition of industrial enterprises to the best available technology (BAT) principles and the respective adaptation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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