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Counterterrorism operation regime in place in Turksib region in Almaty

2022 жылдың 26 қаңтар 2022 12:00

ALMATY. KAZINFORM The city antiterrorism operations headquarters announced the introduction of the counterterrorism operation regime in the territory of Turksib region of Almaty city, Kazinform reports.

It remains in place starting from 00:00 January 26 until 00:00 January 27 this year. As a result, five leaders and members of the organized crime group, who took part in the armed assault on state agencies and commercial facilities in Almaty on January 4-6, were detained.

Special and law enforcement agencies continue law enforcement intelligence to detect participants and organizers of mass riots. Police department urges all to treat law enforcement operation with understanding and strictly obey their legal requirements.

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