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Kazakhs and Ukrainians have great resemblance of national memories, view

2021 жылдың 28 қазан 2021 12:59

ATYRAU. KAZINFORM ‘Kazakhs and Ukrainians have great resemblance of national memories,» candidate of historical sciences, member of the Ukrainian archaeography and source studies of the Grushevsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vladislav Gribovsky told the international scientific conference Ulyk Ulys-Golden Horde underway in Atyrau.

«There are many interesting analogies between the histories of Ukraine and Kazakhstan which laid foundation for social, political, ethnic identities of Ukrainians and Kazakhs. For example, national self-identity of Ukrainians and Kazakhs started with the Golden Horde history. Herein lays great resemblance of national memories of Kazakhs and Ukrainians,» Gribovsky said.

He also stressed that it is crucial to hold often such historical conferences which brings together many participants from all over the world, scientific schools, historical studies approaches. Thus, it creates a platform for sharing experiences between researchers.

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