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What is the difference between Rukhani Janghyru and Ulttyk Rukhani Janghyru project

2021 жылдың 21 қазан 2021 18:29

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM Kazakh Information and Social Development Minister Aida Balayeva explained the difference between the Rukhani Janghyru and Ulttyk Rukhani Janghyru national project, Kazinform reports.

The Program Article of the First President of Kazakhstan-Elbasy was announced four years ago. The National commission for modernization of public conscience monitored its implementation. In fact, all the commission’s tasks were executed, it contributed to improving work in this direction. It is a tactical document which sets targeted goals. Since 2019 Kazakhstan adopted the Roadmap following the meeting the National commission,» Balayeva told the press conference at the central communications service.

As for the national project, it is a strategic document consisting of certain tasks, certain indicators. «We know how to achieve these indicators through development of action items. We know what effect and results it will bring. That’s why the Roadmap and national projects are not duplicated but complement each other,» she resumed.

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