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Kimak khaganate burial mounds unearthed in Kazakhstan

2021 жылдың 20 қазан 2021 18:03

PAVLODAR. KAZINFORM Well-known archeologist Timur Smagulov and his colleagues made new discoveries near Baidaly village in the suburbs of Pavlodar city, Kazinform reports.

Kazakhstani scientists discovered the burial mounds dated back to 9-10 centuries, the information and social development department of Pavlodar region reports.

According to the archeologists the burial mounds are dated to the Kimak khaganate, the great pastoral nomadic empire, with the capital city, Imakia, located in Irtysh lands.

As head of the archeological expedition, director of Margulan Centre at the Pavlodar Teacher’s Training University Timur Smagulov said, the burial mounds of Kimaks near Baidaly village is of great scientific value. Thanks to specific chemical content of soil the woodware, silk clothes and various items made of leather and metal found there were preserved well.

A few years ago, the so-called Kimak chariot was unearthed there. It is the only well-preserved sample of mobile dwelling of medieval-era nomads found in the Eurasian steppes. This year there were discovered the remains of a Kimak warrior with a war horse and the grave of a noble man in the funeral structure built of dozens of woodworks connected without a nail.

Archeological excavations at the burial mounds Baidaly are purposed to study historical and cultural heritage of the Kimak khaganate, i.e. to preserve, to multiply and use it.

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