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Kazakh scientists work on remedy against Alzheimer and Parkinson’s Diseases

2021 жылдың 20 қыркүйек 2021 12:14

KYZYLORDA. KAZINFORM Scientists of the Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda University are working on a medicine to treat Alzheimer Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

They have won the EU grant and joined the team of developers jointly with the scientists of Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, the Kazakh Education and Science Ministry’s press service reports.

Camel thorn growing in the southern regions of Kazakhstan is used for drug manufacturing. The Kazakh scientists extracted biologically active substances from camel thorn which are effective at early stages of atherosclerosis.

The Kazakh scientists’ discovery was presented in Portugal and stirred interest. The foreign experts conducted an express test and confirmed that nanomaterials discovered by the Kazakh scientists hinder the development of the Alzheimer Disease and Parkinson’s Disease and will help to treat them at early stages. Besides, the biologically active substances in camel thorn have no side effects and are the safest for consumption.

Kyzylorda scientists jointly with the foreign colleagues applied for the contest and won the grant of the EU Horizon 2020 programme. The team plans pre-clinical and clinical trials.

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