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Almaty inaugurates Media and Film School

2022 жылдың 19 мамыр 2022 10:23

ALMATY. KAZINFORM The Media and Film School was founded last year to fulfill the task of Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. It is purposed to provide sound academic background and train new specialties highly-sought in cinematography, Kazinform reports.

«The school started its work last year. The curricular is based on the academic programmes of the world’s leading schools,» film director and president of the KazakhFilm Film Studio Akan Satayev told the official opening ceremony.

The students will study Digital Filmmaking, New Media and Public Relations programmes. They will get the skills and experience to become a film director, a production director, a scriptwriter, an art manager, an animation director, a multimedia program director, a TV producer, a film critic, a producer, a radio and TV host.

The school syllabus is based on the University of Arizona education programme. Their school is located in Los Angeles. The University provides Kazakh students access to its online lectures. Besides, our students have an opportunity to study a term at their school.

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