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Turkic World Study International Symposium kicks off in Baku

13 June 2019 18:52

BAKU. KAZINFORM - The Sixth International Symposium on the Study of the Turkic World has begun today in the capital of Azerbaijan, Kazinform correspondent in Azerbaijan reports.

Around 400 scientists, statesmen, and public figures of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan, and Bashkortostan are participating in the event. The attendees include more than 40 scientists of the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University.

Professor Gaukhar Aldambergenova, Rector of the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University, who leads the Kazakh delegation, pointed out that the symposium of Turkic-speaking peoples is held every year. In 2018, when such an event took place at the above-mentioned university, the symposium participants discussed the issues of language, literature, economics, sociology, to name but a few. As far as is known, Abu Nasr Al-Farabi, a great scientist, a follower of Aristotle, wrote more than 150 scientific works on common problems of Turkic-speaking peoples, including in literature, language, culture, and history. Common problems and issues of Turkic-speaking peoples are also discussed at this year's symposium.

"The symposium is mainly aimed at ensuring the exchange of experiences in science, initiating new research, expanding the boundaries of culture and world Turkic literature, bringing together Turkic scholars in the field of science and education," said Zhandar Assan, Head of the PR Department of the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University.

The event raises issues in the field of education science, language, literature, history, culture, art, international relations, economics, philosophy, sociology, gender development, as well as in the field of natural sciences and the realization of opportunities for new joint projects relating to the Turkic world.

The symposium is intended to strengthen the mutual cooperation of the Turkic peoples.

The event includes various sections: "International Experiences in Training a Global Competent Philologist", "Spiritual Modernization: Improving National Identity through Literature", "Global Educational System: A New Methodology for Teaching Disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences", "Latin Script: History, Theory, and Methods of Teaching ", "Turkic Society: History and Culture", "National and International Development Trends in the Modern Educational Process", and "Topical Issues of Gender Education in the Turkic-Speaking Countries ".

It is to be recalled that for the First International Symposium on the Study of the Turkic World took place at Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University in Turkey from 18th to 21st March, 2014. It was initiated by Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, the Kazakh National Women's Teacher Training University, Baku Eurasian University, and M. Akmullah Bashkir State Pedagogical University.