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Singapore welcomes Kazakhstan's educational initiatives

16 March 2018 09:43

BEIJING-SINGAPORE. KAZINFORM - Mike Thiruman, President of Singapore Teachers' Union and President of Educare International Consultancy, believes that Nursultan Nazarbayev's initiatives aimed at increasing the number of educational grants in Kazakhstan will boost the number of highly skilled manpower in the country, Kazinform correspondent reports from China.

"President Nazarbayev announced that there would be an increase of scholarships (educational grants) in the area of technical sciences. This decision will boost the number of highly qualified and skilled manpower needed for Kazakhstan's future growth plans," Mike Thiruman said.

According to him, tertiary education ought to be linked with industry, especially future industries of the nation.

"With these scholarships, more of Kazakhstan's young people can look forward to quality tertiary education without worrying about funding. This would essentially allow students devote themselves to studying and focusing on gaining the requisite skills needed in the growth sectors of Kazakhstan," he stressed.

Mr. Thiruman welcomed the plans to build new dormitories for 75 000 students in Kazakhstan. These new dormitories, in his words, do not just solve the student housing problem. These dormitories could serve extensions of university learning experiences.

"They facilitate the broadening students' minds and deepening their knowledge and skills through as students in dormitories have more time to interact one another and expand on their learning. Dormitories are places where can further develop social, inter-personal and communication skills while honing their critical and creative thinking. Dormitories can serve as the social glue amongst the tertiary students developing their sense belonging and community," he concluded.