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Information Minister comments on Nazarbayev-Trump telephone conversation

21 September 2017 22:53

ASTANA. KAZINFORM The Minister of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan, Dauren Abayev commented on the telephone conversation between the Presidents of Kazakhstan and the U.S. Nursultan Nazarbayev and Donald Trump.

"Another thing that was discussed extensively is a telephone conversation between Nursultan Abishevich [Nazarbayev] and Donald Trump. What is a telephone conversation for normal people? You pick up a phone and make a call. But a telephone conversation between the Heads of State is synonymous to holding a full-fledged meeting as a very broad range of issues is discussed and the details are worked out in advance by the foreign offices of the two countries," the Minister said.

"There is a 12-hour difference between Washington and Astana and to synchronize the date and time of the phone call requires a lot of organizational work. In diplomacy, you always pay attention to the things that "can not be predicted," Dauren Abayev said in an interview with the "Open Dialogue" program on Khabar TV channel.

"For the U.S. it is also very important. It is also important from the perspective of what kind of issues were discussed, after what events the telephone conversation took place. And it took place after the presidential delegation visited EXPO. And this telephone conversation took place as a result of those meetings. It is all interconnected, and the official invitation for the Head of State to pay a visit to the U.S. is also a very good signal," he added.

Earlier President Nazarbayev disclosed the details of his conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump.

"Telephone conversations between heads of state are a common thing. We speak on the phone. I called him in November, when he [Donald Trump] was elected president. We had a long conversation then and he was interested in the situation in our region, Russia, China. Then, we met in Riyadh on the sidelines of the meeting of the U.S. and Arab countries. Then, he called himself. Prior to that the head of the U.S. Department of Energy visited EXPO-2017 and I received him. He was very satisfied, delighted with the exhibits and the level of organization of the exhibition. He probably reported to his boss on his arival and he decided to call me," the Head of State said at a press conference in Akorda.

According to the President, him and his American counterpart discussed the Kazakh-American relations. "I reminded him that the U.S. companies, invested over $40 billion in Kazakhstan. 500 companies with American particiation operate in our country, the largest companies are represented here. I asked [to make sure] the current sanctions do not affect the work of these companies and he assured that they have nothing to do with Kazakhstan and confirmed his country's interest in further development of our relations," the President added.

The Head of State said that they also discussed nuclear disarmament. "As you know, we opened the IAEA Low Enriched Uranium Bank in Kazakhstan. It is very important that you understand what it is all about. The problem with Iran was what? They themselves began to enrich uranium to its level. Up to 20% of uranium enrichment one can make a bomb, and for a power plant you need low-enriched uranium. (...) When there is such a bank, any country that wants to build a nuclear power plant can take it through the IAEA. It is not necessary for them to enrich it. Enrichment by various states means a threat of uranium spread and it falling into the hands of terrorists, God forbid. This is a very important event, which he gladly approved," Nursultan Nazarbayev added.