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‘In Kazakhstan, I always feel like at home’ - Nuno Lopes, Portugal-Kazakhstan Commerce Chamber President

1 March 2021 13:37

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM - Mr. Nuno Afonso Lopes, President of the Portugal-Kazakhstan Chamber of Commerce, sent a video message congratulating Kazakhstanis on the Gratitude Day marked in the country today, March 1, Kazinform correspondent reports.

«I know that we are facing difficult times during the pandemic period, but we need to be resilient and Kazakh people know well that this is another battle that will be won with everyone’s help. So we need to thank all things that happened to us during last year,» he says in the video.

First paid visit to Kazakhstan in 2015, Lopes since then have visited the country more than once a year.

«In Kazakhstan, I feel always at home, because Kazakh and Portuguese people have too much things in common such as some important family values,» he says, while expressing gratitude to all who always received him in Kazakhstan with kindness, sympathy, and professionalism.

«I want to thank all public and private entities that shared with me the experience, knowledge and opportunity to talk about the future of cooperation between Portugal and Kazakhstan. I want to say thank you to all grandparents, parents, and sons who make Kazakhstan a great nation today, because they always shared the ideas of peace, love and balance,» he says in the video.

Nuno Lopes also expressed his gratitude to the Kazakh Embassy that always had its door open for him and gave him support in his mission as President of the Portugal-Kazakhstan Commerce Chamber.

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