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Astana Club meeting to take place Nov 11-12

25 October 2019 12:47

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM The jubilee political forum will summarize the work over the five-year period.

International discussion platform Astana Club is going to its fifth meeting. A regular meeting of the world's 50 top politicians, recognized intellectuals of Eurasia and the best experts in the field of international relations will be held on 11-12 November 2019 in the capital of Kazakhstan.

The organizers of the event are traditionally the Institute of World Economy and Politics and the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, the press service of Astana Club.

The agenda of the meeting includes topical security issues and the strategic future of Greater Eurasia. In the framework of five sessions, the Club participants will discuss the most acute problem trends in the development of Eurasian states and peoples, identify new opportunities for regional cooperation, as well as outline the contours and scenarios of the future.

Conceptually, all discussions will focus on the main issue - the creation of a new architecture of cooperation in Greater Eurasia. The choice of this topic is determined by the large-scale processes of destruction and degradation of global institutions that have ensured stability in international relations over the past 70 years.

And the peak of destruction falls on the current period, which is reflected in the collapse of strategic nuclear security agreements, growing protectionism in the global economy, as well as the sanctions escalation. A new global threat that has already affected all nations without exception is climate change.

As a result, strategic uncertainty is growing as to how sustainable our development will be. All of these issues require honest and open discussion.

The second edition of the analytical ranking «Top 10 Risks for Eurasia in 2020», created by the Institute of World Economy and Politics, will also be presented to the participants and the general public.

The foresight analyst presented in last year's first edition of the risk ranking showed its high demand in practice and IWEP is preparing a new publication for the next meeting of the Club. The ranking is the research result by IWEP experts with the participation of 40 leading world experts.

International interest in the activities of Astana Club consists in the fact that the Kazakhstan discussion platform, established in 2015, for a short period of its work has become a truly global platform that brings together all key stakeholders in Eurasia to develop common approaches to the most complex issues of the day. In this respect, the Astana Club is a vivid expression of Kazakhstan's multi-vector foreign policy.

During the history of the Club more than 200 speakers from 40 countries took part in its work, including the USA, China, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Great Britain, France, Japan, South Korea, etc.

Speakers and headliners of the Astana Club over the five-year history of the Club were such well-known politicians and experts as José Manuel Barroso, Mohamed ElBaradei, Ahmet Davutoğlu, Václav Klaus, Hamid Karzai, George Friedman, Ian Morris, Robert Kaplan and many others.

The First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev also takes part in the annual meetings of the Astana Club.

It should be noted that the discussions at the meetings of the Astana Club have become an important platform for the formation and promotion of «Great Eurasian Discourse». Each meeting of the Club is dedicated to one or another aspect of the new emerging phenomenon of «Greater Eurasia», which includes all the states of Asia and Europe within the Eurasian mega-continent and touches upon their interaction in politics, economy and security.

Thus, the very first meeting of the Astana Club, held in November 2015, considered the issues of geo-economics of Eurasia. The second meeting discussed the opportunities and challenges of the upcoming transformations in Eurasia.

The third meeting of the Club in 2017 was held on the topic «Greater Eurasia-2027: Confrontation or Partnership». The work of experts within the IV session of the Astana Club in 2018 focused around the main topic, indicated by the formulation: «Toward a Greater Eurasia: How to Build a Common Future?».

The topic of the fifth meeting of the Club is «Greater Eurasia: On the Way to New Architecture of Global Cooperation».

In the focus of expert discussions of the Club - the current escalation of confrontation between the U.S., China and Russia, the growth of trade protectionism and populist sentiments, as well as a new round of escalation in many hot spots of the world.

Particular attention will be paid to the formation of the future architecture of cooperation in Eurasia, as well as to finding answers to key challenges to global security, such as the problem of the global nuclear missile race.

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