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Almost 40% of job seekers look for work on social media, survey reveals

18 September 2020 13:38

MOSCOW. KAZINFORM - Nearly 40% of job seekers who took part in an online survey of job search service Worki and research firm ResearchMe reported that they are looking for work using social networks, according to the research results made available to TASS on Thursday, TASS reports.

«Worki, together with ResearchMe, conducted an online survey among 3,250 either employed or looking for a job on the Runet, which showed that 39% of respondents are looking for work in social networks. In addition, among job search channels, respondents noted sites with job advertisements (66%) and search through friends and acquaintances (51%),» the companies said.

According to the research, the use of social networks to find work is most popular among people under the age of 35 (compared to those over 35): 49% of respondents under 24 and 43% of respondents aged 25-34 usually look for work in social networks. The older the users, the higher the proportion of those looking for work through friends, acquaintances and colleagues. At an older age (45+), only 35% of respondents are looking for work in social networks. The most popular ways to find a job in social networks, which were noted by respondents, are searching for vacancies in relevant communities (69% of respondents), responding to posts on the employer's official page or in the employer's group (36%), personal messages to the employer through the official page or group (19 %).

More than half of respondents (55%) aged 16-24 communicated with employers through messages in social networks, 48% - ages 25-34, 44% - ages 35-44. The majority of users (78%) find it convenient to communicate with a potential employer on social networks. Among the advantages of such correspondence, users note the speed of communication, the ability to see whether the sent message has been read or not (for women this is more important than for men (41% versus 34%, respectively). The data is confirmed by the statistics of the Worki application on VKontakte, where 75% of job seekers respond to recruiter messages within 5 minutes.

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