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Antinuclear policy consolidates Japan and Kazakhstan, Hirotsugu Terasaki

5 October 2019 17:24

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM An international antinuclear exhibition, organized by the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan, Soka Gakkai International of Japan (SGI) and International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), kicked off in the capital of Kazakhstan.

Executive Director of SGI Hirotsugu Terasaki told in details Kazinform Agency about the exhibition which will run until October 13.

Mr. Terasaki, the exhibition themed Everything you treasure – For the nuclear-free world stirred great interest among Kazakhstanis. What is the main goal of the exhibition?

We have been holding such antinuclear exhibitions for a long time. Today’s exhibition is the fourth generation for us. The Nuclear Arms: Threat to Our World exhibition held in 1983 inaugurated the first generation of our events. It was held as a side event of the UN conference. The key goal of the first exposure was to show the real threats of nuclear arms through the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What makes today’s exhibition different from others?

The first exposure was showcased on the margins of the various UN conferences and meetings. Today’s exhibition is unique. We all know about nuclear weapon but not everyone knows about the history of its development. The exhibition is purposed to demonstrate how nuclear weapons are made. We suggest our visitors getting familiarized with the problem in detail. We give an opportunity to assess risks and consider what they treasure most.

Could you please tell us about the SGI work?

SGI characterizes itself as an organization standing for peace, education, and cultural exchange. It comprises 93 organizations and 12 million people in 192 countries and regions around the world. In 1957 the Association made a declaration calling to eliminate nuclear weapons. The SGI is headquartered in Tokyo.

How do you assess the world’s nuclear weapon combatting efforts?

The world faces a number of concerns, for example, environmental, gender issues, etc. People worldwide suffer from inefficient solutions to numerous present-day issues. Our task is to help contemporary society assess the consequences of the use of nuclear weapons. Our goal is to reinforce the idea.

Why some countries are committed to producing nuclear arms?

Undoubtedly, first of all, there are deceptive purposes. Nuclear weapon followers, as a matter of fact, take other nations hostage for the sake of their own interests. Our exhibition Everything you treasure – For the nuclear-free world urges against that. Certainly, we do not strive to eliminate nuclear weapons. It is crucial to disroot thoughts that some nations are allowed to possess nuclear arms.

Kazakhstan supports antinuclear policy around the world. What else efforts are urged to make nuclear disarmament the principle for contemporary society?

Kazakhstan clearly demonstrates its adherence in this direction. I believe the reason for this is the Semipalatinsk tragedy which left its mark. The common goal to abolish nuclear arms consolidates the people of Japan and Kazakhstan.

What could you say about your visit to Kazakhstan at large?

We visited Almaty first. I felt some tranquility and peace. It is a cozy city. In Nur-Sultan I saw and felt its active development. I am also impressed by the gifted Kazakh youth I had an opportunity to meet with.

Thank you for the interview.