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How to fight fake news, practice of France

12 July 2018 17:55 242

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Media experts from all over the world debated in Astana the fake news circulation problem, Kazinform reports. 

As the exprets said, development of the latest technologies, mass media privatization and the media outlets' rush for ratings, geopolitical discords of certain countries have rung up unreliable information.

According to Khabar Agency head Alan Azhibayev, mass media should show people the world not through the prism of political moments but also through the common people's stories. He cited Kazakh TV and Discovery TV Channels as an instance.

"It is necessary to narrate simple things, music, cinema or how ordinary people live. If you show plain but interesting stories the world will learn about your more and know you better," he told Media Dialogue Asia Forum.

Director of International Relations and Cooperation, France Médias Monde John Maguire noted the media market oversaturation. He said that 40 years ago the world was a great deal simpler, there were no mobile telephones, internet or social media.

"But I didn't know what Kazakhstan is," he stressed.

According to him, the media content depends not only on political views but also on a source of financing. And people started to respect the press less and trust it less. 

He also revealed how France fights fake news. "There is a 15-minute TV program "True or false" that is broadcast daily. It brings certain examples how to discern fake and real news," the expert said.

Besides, the Government of France works at media education. Pupils get acquainted with the work of journalists, visit editor's offices to learn where the news comes from.

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