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Dzhaksybekov told about proposals on constitutional reform

1 March 2017 13:00 1261

ASTANA. KAZINFORM - Head of the Executive Office Adilbek Dzhaksybekov told President about the proposals, citizens made on the constitutional reform, Kazinform correspondent reports.

"Constitutional reform was actively discussed on social networks. Famous people, members of the Government, heads of government departments, public figures, representatives of all political parties, intellectuals and popular athletes all expressed their views. And working group recorded all opinions, questions and suggestions, which were voiced at the meetings, published in the media and on Internet. The Executive Office allocated special e-mail address to which anyone could send their materials. It should be noted that public showed high activity and interest. And this once again clearly confirms the correctness of your decision - to hold public discussion of the constitutional reforms", - he said during a meeting in Akorda.

Mr. Dzhaksybekov noted that the proposals came from all regions and virtually all population groups.

"A very large number of proposals were received in the past few days. More than 6,000 different proposals were received from citizens, considering 63 of 98 articles of the Constitution and all its sections. The proposals were different and not limited by only to the project put up for public discussion", he said.

According to the head of the working group, they complied all the proposals were systematized in a few blocks.

"More than 40 proposals were received for the section that defines the status and powers of the Head of State. Despite the fact that the aim of the reform is redistribution of powers of the President many people offered to strengthen the powers of the Head of State. There were objections saying that it would weaken presidential vertical. With regard to the powers of the Parliament [the group] received 88 proposals. In general, citizens support the need to strengthen the role of the Parliament in the formation of the Government, people even offered to switch to a parliamentary republic. Some propose to change the process of forming the Parliament, in particular, to elect deputies of the Mazhilis in single member constituencies, or even convert the Parliament into unicameral. It is proposed to raise the requirements for deputies, limit the ability to run more than one time - to raise the age limit for Mazhilismen and senators. Proposals on the status and activities of the Government are mainly related to strengthening its accountability to the Parliament. This is an obligatory coordination of the entire composition of the Government with Majilis. It was also suggested that the Government should be accountable not only to the Mazhilis but the Parliament as a whole", - said Dzhaksybekov.

According to him, in respect to the Constitutional Council, people proposed to change the order of its formation, as well as to convert it into a Constitutional Court. The most number of proposals was received on law enforcement and judicial unit - 2,148. In particular, questions of strengthening the requirements for judges, increasing minimum age and length of service in legal profession were raised. It was proposed to change the order of the local courts' formation and enable citizens to elect judges. Also a significant number was received on the amendments to the Article 26 of the Constitution.

"On this issue, there was an open discussion and opinions were different - some citizens appreciate these norms and some offer their version. However, many people asked not to amend the Article 26. There also were proposals to strengthen the role of the state language and giving English an official status", said Dzhaksybekov.


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